Return to Hall of Fame

or more than 50 years, Four-State area sports fans were treated to the dulcet tones of Don Gross and his signature sign-off line: “This is Don Gross reminding all to be good sports.”

Gross came to Joplin in 1950 when he was hired to broadcast sports at the radio station KFSB. During the next 12 years, Gross narrated the play by play action for at least 95 games a year in addition to other duties at the station. When KSFB changed owners and format in 1971, he took a job at KODE Radio which led him to his debut as a television sportscaster. Later Gross worked doing sports new for KSNF and was eventually promoted to new director. In addition to his duties as KSNF, Gross continued to broadcast Missouri Southern State College sports events. The “Voice of the Lions” was inducted into the Missouri Southern Sports Hall of Fame in 1990.